Rome Walking Tour: Picking A Tour That Is Right For Your Trip

With so much to see and do in the Eternal City, going on a Rome walking tour is one of the best ways to experience this ancient and cultural location.  Most of the major Rome attractions are all in such close proximity to one another that walking tours have become one of the most popular ways to learn more about the city while saving time and money!

No matter what your interests may be, there is guaranteed to be a tour perfectly tailored to your needs!

It pays to research ahead of time to ensure availability and perhaps score an advance booking deal on the Rome walking tour of your choice! There are dozens and dozens of tours to choose from, a handful of which are highlighted here! Be sure to check out the unique options at the end so you can find something to tailor a truly one of a kind adventure in Rome!

rome walking tour

Rome Walking Tour: Picking the ones that work for you!

When it comes to selecting the perfect Rome walking tour, you’ll have many different options and themes to choose from. From the vast wealth of historical sites to culturally rich experiences, Rome is filled with so many unique and memorable things to do.

In order to maximize your time and see as much as possible, booking your Rome walking tour ahead of time will allow you to better plan your trip and ensure that you are able to see everything on your Roman bucket list. Well rounded and often local tour guides will be able to add understanding and depth to the tours, but if you prefer to experience the sights alone or with a smaller group of friends and family, you’ll be able to find tours that appeal to you no matter what your style may be! 

Ancient Rome Walking Tour

rome walking tour

Roman Forum

One Rome walking tour you’ll want to book in advance is an Ancient Rome tour. Because of the vast history and wealth of ancient archaeological sites to visit in Rome, these tours are some of the most popular and likely to sell out the fastest. You’ll find dozens of options in this category as well!

A self-guided walking tour of the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill lasts roughly three hours and booking this tour allows you to skip the long lines and enjoy the sites at your own pace. If you’d like more information and guidance on your tour of these ancient sites, you can find tours that provide an audio guide to provide all the facts and information you’ll need to know. another great benefit to structured tours is access to areas that general admission won’t provide.

For example, some tours allow you to explore the underground areas of the Colosseum as well as the higher tiers and the Arena itself, up close and personal with a dedicated guide to provide all the information relevant to the sight! 

rome walking tour


You can even find special experiences on these Ancient Rome tours, such as a tour of the Colosseum at night! If you want to see even more of the ancient sights during your Rome walking tour, you’ll find tours that explore both the Colosseum and the Forum, in addition to the Temple of Hadrian and the world renowned Pantheon.

For a breath of fresh air and an even closer look at the ancient marvels of Roman society, a visit to Ostia Antica will be perfect. You can find guided tours of this site that will give you an in-depth look at this ancient port along with the ruins of Roman era baths, shops, temples and factories as well as mosaics and statues scattered around this sprawling complex.

Baroque Architecture and Fountains 

Another popular option among walking tours in Rome is tours that explore the ornate baroque architecture and fountains that fill the city. The city underwent a huge revitalization during the Baroque period, when artists and architects filled the piazzas and buildings with breathtaking art, sculpture and design. A three hour walking tour through the city will visit multiple attractions, from the famous Spanish Steps, multiple piazzas, fountains and churches galore!

rome walking tour

Spanish Steps

For an added element of romance and magic, you can opt for a tour at sundown, strolling through the narrow streets, grand piazzas and the cinematic Trevi Fountain, all lit to highlight the breathtaking intricacy of the art and architecture.

rome walking tour

Trevi Fountain

For bibliophiles and those looking for a bit of intrigue and adventure, you’ll even find a Rome walking tour tailored around the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, highlighting all the sites from the book with a look at the art, intrigue and mystery surrounding the masters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Food and Wine

rome walking tour

When in Rome, do as the Romans do…and the Romans love to wine and dine! Outside the attractions and sights, Rome is known for some of the best food and wine around. You’ll find dozens of Rome walking tours geared toward these experiences.

For the luxury treatment, enjoy a private walking tour and tasting experience from four different Michelin Star chefs, guided by a local foodie who knows the ins and outs of the city as well as the restaurant scene. You’ll pass by many famous attractions in between restaurants and enjoy some of the best food by award winning chefs. 

For a more casual experience, look for a Rome walking tour that concentrates on street food and Italian classics. You can get together with a local and meander the streets to find hidden gems and little known eateries specializing in some of the most authentic cuisine, from pizza to gelato!

rome walking tour

One way to really experience the whole food scene is to go for one of the bigger tours that promise at least ten different tastings! This Rome walking tour features the best of the best starting in the late afternoon and taking you straight through to an evening nightcap. From pizza to pasta, tiramisu to limoncello as well as the chance to see many of the top historic sites along the way, this experience will give you a comprehensive sample of all the major favorites found in the city! 

Last but certainly not least, combine the best of what Rome has to offer with an art, architecture and wine tasting tour! You’ll be led through the streets of Rome to see sites like the Pantheon while following the footsteps of the masters Caravaggio and Raphael. Admire their stunning artwork and then to wrap up the evening, enjoy a food and wine tasting experience for a true taste of Roman life. 

rome walking tour

Rome’s Underground 

One thing you can find on a Rome walking tour will provide you with is an opportunity to see the secrets and mysteries that hide below street level. Over the course of thousands of years, the city has been built up, literally, over the structures and buildings of the past.

The ancient archaeological ruins you can visit today have been painstakingly unearthed, but beneath the street level, you’ll find even more treasures spanning the millennia. Beneath the Basilica of San Clemente, you’ll descend through history with three distinct levels of ruins, the deepest of which dates back to the first century! A quick walk to the nearby Basilica dei Santissimi Giovanni and Paolo and you’ll find even more beneath the ground! Rows of Roman era homes, complete with frescoes and mosaics, remain perfectly preserved along underground roads! 

rome walking tour


Another way to explore the marvels below ground is to find a walking tour of the Catacombs. These underground burial sites can be found in numerous places around the city. You’ll experience narrow winding corridors and remarkable tombs and monuments, as well as a number of stories and facts to bring clarity to this dark aspect of Rome.

For an added element of spookiness, be sure to find one of the Rome walking tours that includes access to the Capuchin Crypt. This macabre and dark site is an underground chapel constructed almost entirely out of the bones of dead monks, making it a striking and otherworldly addition to any tour of Rome’s remarkable underground.

Other Unique Rome Walking Tours

rome walking tour

Vatican Staircase

With so many different things to do in Rome and such a lengthy history to influence the city, it should come as no surprise that you’ll also be able to find many unique and unusual Rome walking tours to fill your itinerary. In addition, the influence from different cultures throughout history has made a lasting impact on the city and the storied history of the area adds plenty to the list of things to explore as well.

Perhaps you would like a dark, spooky tour to add an element of thrill to your vacation. Ghost tours and haunted tours are a popular addition to the itinerary in Rome, with experiences lasting between an hour or two. 

After a late night hearing all about the ghosts and goblins of Rome’s past, head out early the next morning for a unique guided walking tour of the Vatican for some redemption and cleansing (as well as a complimentary buffet breakfast in the Vatican cafeteria!) 

rome walking tour

Sistine Chapel

Perhaps you’re more interested in the jetset lifestyles of the rich and famous. Then a walking tour of Rome’s elite fashion house boutiques is a perfect choice! With four hours of guided help from a personal shopper, you’ll meander through the streets visiting big name designers such as Gucci, Valentino, Armani and more!

rome walking tour

The perfect way to show off your new purchases as well as your bucket list worthy adventure is to post it on Instagram and there is even a Rome walking tour for that too! Join a guide who will take you to all the popular spots as well as some off-the-beaten-path ones to get the perfect shots for your Instagram. One bonus is that the guide will offer photography tips and is also happy to stand in for your Instagram husband so you can both be in the shot! 

rome walking tour


For an even more luxurious option, tour the city streets with your own personal photographer for a few hours! You’ll get not only local insights and tips but also an album of professional grade photos to remember the trip with! Depending on how much you want to see and what the purpose of your trip is, you can tailor the experience to your exact needs, whether you’re on honeymoon, a girls getaway or traveling with family. You can even customize where you go and for how long you want to use the professional photographer. 

rome walking tour

Another unique Rome walking tour that often escapes the lists of many travelers is a tour of Rome’s fascist remnants. From statues to architecture as well as historical anecdotes and facts, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of this period in Italian, and world history. It’s easy to see why it is so often overlooked, considering the dark period of history it recalls.

You’ll find tours specifically concentrating on this era, as well as tours including the option to skip the line at the Ara Pacis Museum. This museum sticks out like a sore thumb; built in 1938 by the fascist era leader Mussolini, the glass and modern structure houses this ancient altar piece after it was moved from its original location in anticipation of hosting the 1942 World Fair. 

rome walking tour

The Eternal City is a cultural and historic location filled to the brim with amazing sights, famous attractions, breathtaking views and stunning architecture. Because so much is jam packed into such a small area, the city is perfect for exploring on foot!

rome walking tour

A Rome walking tour will get you exactly where you want to go and show you dozens or more sights along the way as well! With dozens upon dozens of different options available to travelers of every kind, you will undoubtedly find something perfectly suited to your personal Roman bucket list of things to do. Whether you’re there for the art, history, culture, food or a combination of all the above, with some research, you’ll be able to find the perfect walking tour to experience everything this city has to offer!!

Quick tips for Rome:

Do not forget a pocket WiFi! We love Skyroam because it is compact and can run up to five devices at the same time (great for families or groups or if you have more than one thing you need a stable connection on).

Comfortable walking shoes are a necessity in Rome! You will do a lot of walking on a variety of terrain, come prepared. We love Birdies!

Tipping in Rome is not like in the USA. Check your receipt to see if a tip has already been put on there as some restaurants do this. Otherwise, 1-2 Euro is fine. Italians are paid higher wages and tipping is only a thing because westerners brought it there.

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